Moshi Monsters – Game With a Difference

Moshi Monsters is a unique game just introduced recently. This game has made a niche for itself with its amazing storyline and use of vibrant colors throughout the storyboard of the game. The game revolves around six monsters, out of which every kid has to select one for himself. After adoption, the kid is supposed to take care of the monster, which involves decorating its lodgings for accommodation and arranging food for feeding. eula can’t resist monster meat

But, the kid gets an enormous help through Puzzle palace. This place is an assortment of simple but interesting puzzles for kids. He is supposed to select puzzles, solve them and in due course receive payments in rox, which is the currency of the game. As his earnings start to happen, he/she can buy food and items for his pet.

The six monsters of the game have been created quite uniquely delving on the choices of kids. So, the monsters you see are adorned with beautiful colors like red, green, blue, orange and pink.

These monsters also have unique names. According to the makers of this game, it has been scoring an increase of 2 million players per month. This game has become the most popular game ever since its launch. The amazing success of this game is due to its healthy storyboard devoid of any violence and inclusion of Maths and spatial awareness puzzles. Both these factors encourage parents to register their children on the website of the game.

Kids can also introduce pets for their monsters (Moshlings). There is an interesting array of moshlings which is presented for the kids to choose from. They can opt for moshlings like Stanley (Seahorse), Peppy (Penguin), Mr. Snoodle (Elephant) and Priscilla (Princess Pony). If you think that your monster is a daring one, there is a vampire, Pterodactyl, and dragon to opt for.



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